ALH Computing is a computer company run by January O'Leary, Sylvester Torquill's niece. It is a shallowing located in the County of Tamed Lightning near Fremont CA, and produces Summerlands-compatible computer and wiring systems and MP3 players.[1] When Sylvester hasn't heard from his niece in weeks, he sends October Daye to investigate.[2]

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Physical DescriptionEdit

  • A stone arch spanned the driveway, supporting a portcullis that looked like it came from the set of Camelot. A fence stretched a full block, covered the grounds behind the fence that stretched a full block. The trees were all eucalyptus.[1]
  • Inside the gate there was a well-manicured lawn that surrounded the two buildings with a surrounding tangle of trees forming their own private forest. The buildings were red brick—taller building was five stories high; the smaller one was only two. 
  • Front entrance had a pea greencarpet and was arctic cold.
  • There was a large warehouse sized area wiht cubicles.[1]


  • There were cats everywhere.
  • There was Coblynau security spell on the front door that zapped Toby—would have been worse if she wasn't supposed to be there or if he intended harm. 
  • Portable server alarm, carried by Gordon

Building Entrance Edit

  • Sign on Wall: ‘And gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name—William Shakespeare.’[1]
  • Ward: Coblynau work that stands as the real security system.[1]

Other DetailsEdit

  • The buildings are always changing and moving.
  • Toby entered by saying "Speak ‘Friend’ and enter” into the intercom at the gate adding her magic… it let them enter.[1]

History / BackgroundEdit

ALH computing is the main source of income for the County of Tamed Lightning.

Employees Edit

The employees at ALH computing are all specially chosen for their bloodlines. All less are than 300 years old and have a good grasp of human technology.

January O'Leary -CEOEdit

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April O'Leary -Security and server Edit

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Elliott- Programmer Edit

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Gordan- ProgrammerEdit

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Colin -ProgrammerEdit

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Peter -ProgrammerEdit

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Alex Olsen -ProgrammerEdit

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Terrie Olsen -ProgrammerEdit

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Barbara Lynch -ProgrammerEdit

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Yui Hyouden -Software TestingEdit

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Raven maid -ReceptionistEdit

The unnamed raven maid departed before the events in A Local Habitation. October used her feathers were used as part of a ceremony to summon the Night-haunts.

Name What Connection About
Peter (d) Pixie employee, computer programmer, fae genealogist and historian 195 from Indiana
Alex Olsen Gean-Cannah, Changeling;  employee, computer programmer "surfer-boy"; poppy orange eyes
Terrie Olsen (d) Gean-Cannah, Changeling;  employee, computer programmer
Barbara Lynch (d) Queen of Cats, of Malvic's line programmer, bottom of food chain working for Shattered Glass, from San Jose 196, dating someone named John, "best friends" with Gordan, would have bankrupted the county if allowed to work unchecked 193
Yui Hyouden (d) Kitsune, four tails software testing, alchemist engaged to Elliott, healer, from Oregon
? Raven-maid receptionist pg 207

dreamer's glass crest: stars and poppies mitch and stacy brown: adopted mean cat named shadow pg 187, only liked stacy

Events in the Series (Spoilers!) Edit

A Local Habitation Edit

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The main action!

An Artificial Night Edit

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