Alex Olsen

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Name Connection What About
Elliott Bannick, computer programmer; co-worker able to handle metals
Gordan Coblynau, computer programmer; co-worker screams in other languages when finds a flaw in code
Colin Selkie, computer programmer; co-worker wears his sealskin tied around his waist
Peter Pixie, computer programmer; co-worker wears a weak glamour, wings partly show
Terrie Olsen Gean-Cannah, Changeling; computer programmer; co-worker dark hair with reddish streaks' brother: Alex Olsen
Barbara Lynch Queen of Cats computer programmer; co-worker dead, betrayed her subjects
April O'Leary Dryad co-worker, January's adopted daughter saved by January when she placed her in the computer tree

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Use the book title at the opening of each paragraph as a "Spoiler Warning". (The purpose for this section is to be able to find things in a given book once you are past the book and can't recall what—therefore in need of a refresher and/or need to know where to look it up).

✥ In A Local Habitation, Toby hits Elliott with the cafeteria door, knocks him down in the hall floor. he takes it all in good humor, in a kind of flirtish way.[1]

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  1. A Local Habitation, ch. 5

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