April O'Leary
Vital statistics
Blood Classification Fae
Type Dryad/cyber-dryad
Personal Information
Rank, Titles, Other Names Countess

Family April O'Leary (mother)

Li Quin Zhou (mother)

Companions Elliott (seneschal)
Occupation head of ALH computing, server

Mentioned in A Local Habitation

April O'Leary

Biography / BackgroundEdit

January O'Leary's adopted daughter. She is a dryad who lost her tree. January worked the last still living bits of wood into the circuitry of the servers at Tamed Lightning, and made her a cyber-dryad. April runs the computer system of ALH Computers. After January's death, April was granted right of succession for the county, and became a Countess in her own right. She is currently CEO of ALH Computing.

About Edit

Characteristics Nature / Personality Edit

  • Tends to use robot-esque syntax and euphemisms, like referring to death as being "removed from the network" (though the latter is justified as, being both a pureblood fae and a computer program with backups, she doesn't know what death actually means at first.)
  • During the events of A Local Habitation, enjoys "younger" activities: loves stuffed rabbits, balloons, cartoons, and popcorn. Has a fleeting crush on Quentin.[1]

Physical Appearance Edit

  • She appears as a creepily emotionless young girl
  • Yellow eyes

See Also

References Edit

  1. A Local Habitation, Ch. 16

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