Pronunciation blow-din-brid
Plural Blodynbryd
Category Land fae
Descended from Titiana, Acacia
Abilities control of and communication with plants
Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue, Ashes of Honor, Late Eclipses

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Rose Goblins are created by taking cuttings from the Blodynbryd[1]. Smooth cool skin [2] moth wings [3]

"Her skin was daffodil yellow. Dendrils of brown and gold hair snaked around her cheeks, so matted and snarled that they looked almost like thin tree roots. They writhed constantly, twisting themselves into knots and curls. Here eyes were long and narrow and the color of brass from end to end; her pupils were thin silver lines visibly contracted against the light, like a cat's, or a serpent's." [4]

Luna's illness [5]

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References Edit

  2. An Artificial Night, Ch. 13
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  5. Late Eclipses, Ch. 32

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