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Drawing by Theodoros Pelecanos, in a 1478 copy of a lost alchemical tract by Synesius.

The Borderlands Cafe is a bookstore and coffee shop located near the intersection of 20th and Valencia Streets in San Francisco, CA. It features an ouroboros as its logo.

Description Edit

"The Borderlands Cafe was a long, rectangular room, stretching past the kitchen area to meet with the back wall. The floor was polished hardwood, and the furniture was an eclectic mix of wooden tables, comfortable chairs, and even couches. It was surprisingly busy, considering the hour. People sat with their laptop computers, magazines, books, or in small clusters, sipping their drinks and talking. It lacked the hectic air of many of the local cafes- somethat that was probably connected to the signs saying "No Wifi". People who wanted to hang out in a coffee shop would stay, people who want to get online for free would go find someplace more suited to their tastes." [1]

"The bookstore was even quieter than the cafe, probably because it didn't hold as many people. The hardwood floors were older, softened by worn Oriental rugs, and classic rock played from somewhere behind the counter."[2] It is filled with tall shelves and has a large front window.

Employees Edit

Alan, the owner.

Arden Windermere, known as Ardith.

Madden, the friendly Cu Sidhe barista. Tall, blonde, and goes by Buddy when in dog form. Deep respect for coffee.

Jude, human bookstore employee. Pale, dark-haired woman who speaks like a California native.

References Edit

  1. Chimes at Midnight, Ch. 8
  2. Chimes at Midnight, Ch. 9

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