Bucer O’Malley is a Glastig who did occasional work for Devin. He carried the news of Evening Winterrose's death to everyone at Home. Bucer will do almost anything to turn a profit.[1]

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  • pine and damp linen

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  • Toby was surprised to hear he lived in Evening's building, she didn't think he could afford it. 

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Bucer carried word of Evening WInterrose's death to Devin and the Queen of the Mists.

One Salt Sea Edit

Bucer provided Toby with information that Raysel had kidnapped the Lorden boys. He had also betrayed her by selling out Gillian's location to Raysel in exchange for more money and the false promise of nobility. Toby, Connor, Quentin and Raj visited him shortly after, and because of Bucer's attempts in using his Glastig persuasion powers, Toby finally snaps and begins to torture him, well aware that he would've tailed Raysel to try and hold something over her head.

Once Broken Faith Edit

Bucer is not seen again until the elf-shot conclave. Because he had tried to steal the Crown Jewels from King Antonio's treasury, he was forced to attend the conclave, well aware that Toby would somehow get involved in it.

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  1. Rosemary and Rue, Ch. 6

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