Pronunciation can-dee-la
Plural Candela
Category Land fae
Abilities communication, teleportation
Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue, Late Eclipses


Description (Defined) Edit

Candelas are faeries that have two Merry Dancers, globes of floating light, as constant companions. The Merry Dancers file around in groups, their orbs of light flickering an waving—kind of like fireflies. (find book ref)



Details About Edit

Type of Faerie or Connection Edit

  • Fire fae

Powers, Abilities, Skills Edit

Characteristics / NatureEdit

Habitat / KnoweEdit

  • Forest

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • pale green eyes

Other DetailsEdit

Characters Edit

Name What About
unnamed girl Half-Candela Changeling lives at Home
Grianne Candela Guard at Shadowed Hills
Antonio Robinson Candela King of Kingdom of Angels

Book Quotations Edit

A changeling half-Candela girl with pale green eyes was on front room duty at Home when Toby first returned. she was juggling globes of dim light.[1]

Grianne, a thin faced Candela who rarely spoke without prompting. Her voice was soft was wind rattling through tree branches, and just about as human. [2]

Each Candela is accompanied by two or more balls of self-aware light called Merry Dancers. They can be sent on simple errands- like fetching a Duck- but if someone extinguishes a Candela's Dancers, the Candela dies.[2]

"Grianne, has the Duke been summoned?" Grianne cocked her head like she was listening to something the rest of us couldn't hear.[2]

"Yes, sir," said Grianne, and bowed before turning and flinging herself off the edge of the walkway. There was a flare of greenish-white light, and she was gone.[2]

Grianne was sitting on the railing, with her Merry Dancers spinning around her. Her face was serene as ever, but her skin was glowing a pale green only slightly dimmer than her Merry Dancers, betraying her displeasure. Candela only light up under stress.[3]

Her expression was as bland as ever as she nodded, but her Merry Dancers shifted color, turning a warm yellow. Maybe she wasn't as cold as everyone though. Maybe we just read her wrong. [4]

[Grianne's] Merry Dancers darted downward, spinning around her, and all three were gone, leaving Connor and [Toby] in darkness.[4]

Her face remained impassive, but her Merry Dancers flared a brief, sickly red, outward manifestations of her internal dismay.

Candela Mythology / Folklore Edit

References Edit

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