Changelings are the children of faeries by a human parent. Each changeling's strength is different- rarely, some get a full measure of faerie magic, even more than their parents. These changelings have no limits and are often very destructive.[1] Weaker changelings are more common. This group's gifts vary depending on bloodline. Whatever they can do, they cannot do it as well as a pureblood. They are more emotionally flexible than purebloods, however. Merlins are the weakest changelings of all. They appear human, but can use potions and minor incantations.[2] The tiny amount of magic in their blood combined with human creativity and determination makes merlins very dangerous.[3]

Changelings remain with their parents until they make the Changeling's Choice.[1] Certain parts of faerie, like dawn or goblin fruitaffect changelings more strongly than purebloods because their defenses are weaker.[1]

Most changelings hold a difficult position in faerie society. They are too human to truly belong, but their longevity makes it difficult for them to remain in the mortal world.[4] Many end up holding minor positions at Court.[4]

Description (Defined) Edit

Merlins- weaker than changelings. fae at the 1/16th (great-grandchild) level. single scent in their magic

Background Edit

✥ No one explains that “changeling” could be an insult, or that it would mean living trapped between worlds, watching half your family die while the other half lived forever, leaving you behind.

About Edit

Characteristics and NatureEdit

  • Flexibility and adaptation were changeling traits—Purebloods respond to change slowly

Other DetailsEdit

  • Changelings don’t grow up in the human world. It simply isn’t done.

Changeling Childhood FriendsEdit

Book Chapter References Edit

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