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Books Appear In / Mentioned In Edit

1. Rosemary and Rue (2009)

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Coblynau love metal more than they love air, and the promises you have to make to get a blade or bracelet of their crafting are dear enough that it's hard to get even a ring from them.

Details About Edit

Type of Faerie or Connection Edit

  • Land Fae

Powers, Abilities, Skills Edit

  • metal workers
  • powerful enchantments were woven into their works

Characteristics / NatureEdit

  • ugly, lonely people

Habitat / Home Edit

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • ugly

Other DetailsEdit

  • One made a brass sign for Devin which was mounted on the front door of Home.

Characters Edit

Name What About
Devin leader of Home fenagled a brass sign and it's spell from
Sylvester Torquill Duke of Duchy of Shadowed Hills he and his knight were misdirected by the Coblynau spell, and got to Home too late

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

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Coblynau Folklore Edit

Coblynau are mythical gnome-like creatures that are said to haunt the mines and quarries of Wales. They are said to be half a yard ( 1.5 ft) tall, and very ugly. Like Knockers, they are dressed in miniature mining outfits. They work constantly but never finish their task, and are said to be able to cause rockslides. The word Coblynau is derived from the English Goblin ultimately derived from a Germanic source akin to the German Kobold, via the French Gobelin. ~ Coblynau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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