Colin Dunne was a Selkie and a programmer at ALH Computing. He had shaggy green hair, henna tattoos covering most of his visible skin [1], and blue eyes [2]. He wore his sealskin tied around his waist. He was known to smoke marijuana [2].

Biography Edit

Colin was originally from Canada, and received a doctorate in Philosophy from Newfoundland in 1962.[3] He spent some of his younger years with the clans of Northern California. He received his skin in 1980. His Selkie skin was permanently lost when Toby's car was destroyed. At ALH Computing, he kept a tank of Hippocampi as pets and his office window looked out onto a beach. He was a fan of Butler University.

Co-workers Edit

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Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

A Local Habitation Edit

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In Sea-Salt Tears Edit

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In In Sea-Salt Tears, Colin meets Annie in the fall of 1972. By 1974, he had started a relationship with Elizabeth Ryan. It presumably ended that same year. He received his skin after Tempe's death in 1980.

References Edit

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