The Court of Cats is the realm of the Cait Sidhe. It has no precise location, but is composed of the forgotten places of the realms, stitched together with the Shadow Roads.

Royal CatsEdit

Kings and Queens of Cats do not come from a single line- the title is a measure of strength, and indicates a relatively rare certain set of skills.[1] A Royal Cat "must be able to travel the Shadow Roads without hindrance; carry others with them; transform from cat to human and back again, without any unwanted traits bleeding over from one shape to another; cast basic illusions; open doors between the deepest Court of Cats and the Summerlands; create Courts by hewing small spaces out of the Shadows and keeping them open, essentially as temporary shallowings, until they are no longer needed; command loyalty; and die and come back."[1] Royal cats remain so whether or not they hold a Court. Due to the rarity of Royal kittens, Kings and Queens of Cats tend to adopt potential heirs and train them.[1]

Each King or Queen that oversees a Court does so alone. While most areas will have both a King and Queen, they rarely have courts in the same city. "In the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, Tybalt maintains the Court of Dreaming Cats in San Francisco, while the nearest Queen is centered in Berkeley."[1]

Kings and Queens take their thrones through combat. However, since heirs are adopted and groomed for leadership, the fight is generally not as serious as it would be if the King or Queen didn't already intend to cede the throne. It's rare for a sitting King or Queen who hasn't become a total despot to be forcibly deposed. [1]

Known CourtsEdit

San Francisco Edit

The San Francisco court is held by Tybalt, with Raj as his heir. It belongs to the loose association of feifdoms in Golden Gate Park.[2]

Berkeley Edit

The Berkeley court is held by Shade[3]. It overlaps the County of Tamed Lightning and many of the cats in the area spend time at ALH Computing. This court was previously held by Barbara Lynch.

London Edit

Need information from Rat-Catcher.

Members of the Court of Cats Edit

Characters Rank Court
Tybalt King San Francisco, Fogbound Cats
Raj Prince San Francisco
Julie commoner San Francisco
Samson commoner San Francisco
Barbara Lynch Queen Berkeley
Shade[3] Queen Berkeley
Cagney and Lacey commoner San Francisco
Gabriel and Opal[4] commoner San Francisco
Louis[4] commoner San Francisco
Jill and Colleen Princesses Fogbound Cats
Tybalt's father and two brothers King and Pinces Fogbound Cats
Cailin commoner Fogbound Cats
Chalcedony Princess Fogbound Cats
Agnet commoner Fogbound Cats

References Edit

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