Danny MacReady

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Danny MacReady is the cab driver that picked up Toby from the Golden Gate Park after Lily treated her at the Tea Gardens from a gun shot wound. On the walk to the cab, she and her friends (Julie and Ross Hampton) were ambushed by the Redcap. She is shot again—bleeding all aver his back seat. He asks payment for cleaning. Ash Danny is helping toby to her apartment to get eh money, they find Devin there who calls her by name. Danny lights up at that saying that she helpd his sister when she was in trouble and refused to take her money for he upholstery. He also adamantly offered her cab rides when ever she needed them—free. [1]

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  • drives cabs in San Francisco
  • quickly drives cabs in San Francisco

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  • very strong

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  • Good friend to Toby
  • placid, dependable, take responsibilities seriously [1]

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  • "basically eight feet of mountain that walks like a man, with skin like concrete and hands large enough to wrap around a grown man's head" [2]
  • craggy, gray skin [2]
  • wears normal, if large, human clothing (blue jeans, San Francisco Giants sweatshirt) [2]
  • teeth like broken concrete [2]

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  • Toby rides free due to having saved Danny's sister.
  • He treats Barghests like puppies, starting a rescue service for them after the second (third?) book
  • Been known to help toby carry her groceries for her.

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Name Connection What About
Toby Daye friend Changeling she saved Danny's sister; Danny won't take her money of crab rides;

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

Use the book title at the opening of each paragraph as a "Spoiler Warning".

✥ In Rosemary and Rue, he picks her up at the Golden Gate Park after being healed by Lily at the Tea Gardens and shot again by Redcaps. He wants the rot pay for cleaning the seats of blood stains. When she goes to her apartment, Devin is waiting, he lets it slip what her name is. Danny realizing that Toby is the one who save his sister, he refuse to take any payment for that or for any future fares. She is to call him whenever she needs a ride. [3] He picks her up again at the Tea Gardens and takes her to Home and offers his help as muscle, sincerely concerned for her. [4]

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