Dare Lorimer is a changeling who lives with her twin brother Manuel at Home. She has been charged with following Toby around.

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Ocupation / Titles / Position Edit

Abilities, Powers, Skills Edit

  • Knife skills

Magical SignatureEdit

  • magic smells like apples

Characteristics Nature / Personality Edit

  • Dare has a tough girl attitude and her shirt that said ‘porn star in training’.
  • has softened since coming Home, before "couldn't say two civil words to anyone, now, she's just a little mouthy"[1]
  • accent was a mixture of inner-city Spanish and downtown punk

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Sharply pointed ears and glossy gold hair marking her as descendants of the Tylwyth Teg.
  • Eyes were the glaring neon green of pippin apples
  • overdone makeup, rat's nest hair, seemingly permanent sneer
  • could have been pretty if she gained 20lbs
  • looks about 14

Other DetailsEdit

  • Leaves a trail of glitter-sweat, part Piskie[2]

Connections Edit

Name What Connection About
Manuel Lorimer Tylwyth Teg changeling Twin bro
Devin Lamia mixed fae Fagin-like leader charges Dare with Toby's security
Toby Daye PI, Changeling Dare shadows her Dare changes from distrust to hero worship
May Daye Fetch Source of memories for May

Events in Series Edit

Rosemary and Rue Edit

Main article: Rosemary and Rue

Toby meets her at Home where she exhibits a tough, belligerent attitude toward Toby. She changes her turn when learning who Toby is and goes to get Devin.[2] Devin was laying into Dare and Manuel Lorimer for not being there sooner when Toby was attacked by a Doppleganger in her house. Toby came too and told him the saved her life.[3] Dare asked Toby how she got out, Toby promises to help her and Manuel how ever she can.[4] Toby returns Home, she and Manny (Manuel) are there with Devin hiding. He comes out, Devin orders Manny to shoot Toby, Devin & Toby fight, Dare climbs on Manny's back to get him to drop the gun. Devin shoots Dare 3 times. Manuel kills Devin.[5] Duke Sylvester Torquill organized a wake for her, Buried the body the night-haunts left in the Summerlands, in the forest outside the walls of the ducal knowe. Toby visit her grave as often as I can. I leave bouquets of rosemary and rue.[6]

A Local Habitation Edit

Main article: A Local Habitation

Dare makes an appearance—the true purpose of the Night-haunts is revealed.

One-Salt Sea Edit

The Luidaeg reveals that May, Toby's former Fetch, was the night-haunt that carried Dare's memories.

Quotes Edit

I visit her grave as often as I can. I leave bouquets of rosemary and rue, and I tell her that I’m sorry, and I promise her that next time, I’ll do better. Next time someone makes me a hero, I’ll save them. — Toby, Rosemary and Rue, ch. 27.

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