Effects on the Fae Edit

"The dawn destroys small enchantments, and that includes everything I'm strong enough to cast- like the illusion that allows me to pass for human. Worse, it's incapacitating, at least temporarily." Toby describing the dawn.

"I could feel it spread across the city, rippigg down all the small illusions and minor enchantments of the night"

"there's nothing kind about the way sunrise affects the fae Just to amek it even less fair, it's harder on changelings than it is on purebloods, because we have fewer defences. The light didn't quite burn, but it came close, filling the air around me with the ashy taint of dying magic.

The aftereffects of sunrise last for five minutes- ten at the most- but most spells jsut won't take during that time. [1]

"Rules are rules, and this one came straight from Oberon: it doesn't matter whose territory you're in, you can hide from the dawn."[1]

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