Dochas Sidhe Fae race

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doe-sh-as shee

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Fae race of Blood-workers: those with the power of Blood Magic.

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  • Blood Magic: ability to garner memories from people’s blood
  • can change the balance of someone’s blood
  • might be able to clarify the complicated bloodlines that have a reputation for going mad
  • break shapeshifting spells
  • tilt a changeling’s blood all the way human or all the way Fae

✾ There’s a suggestion that if they knew what they were looking for, they could unknot that mess that happens in changelings that gives them all of the power and none of the blocks against what should or should not be possible for their breed.


  • If you’re using blood for fuel, you’re probably losing it and need to replenish, and thus need to eat something.

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