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  • can make themselves look like anyone.

Characteristics / NatureEdit

  • can fake a lot of things—they can’t fake bleeding; used as identifying test[1]
  • melt when they die, into a pool of sticky slime[2]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • too many sharp teeth; alien, pale yellow eyes
  • tall and sexless, the angles of its body were inexplicably wrong. Its skin was mottled in shapeless patches of gray and green that shifted—chameleonic, blending into the scenery until it was ready to strike. [2]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Toby calls it a monster

Characters Edit

Name What About
Gillian Marks Toby's daughter Doppleganger looked like her to Toby
October Daye changeling, knight-errant attaked by Doppleganger

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

Rosemary and Rue Edit

Main article: Rosemary and Rue

Someone sent a Doppleganger to October Daye's house to find out where the Hope Chest is. It attacked her while she was wounded, iron-poisoned and suffered major blood loss. Dare and Manuel Lorimer came just in time to help put an end to it. Dare killed it—it melted into sticky goo.[2]

References Edit

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