Vital statistics
Blood Classification Fae
Type Tuatha de Dannan
Magical Signature Limes and cedar smoke
Personal Information
Allied with Duchy of Shadowed Hills

Rank, Titles, Other Names knight

Family Bridget Ames (lover)

Chelsea Ames (daughter)

Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue, Ashes of Honor, One Salt Sea

Sir Etienne of Shadowed Hills is the Duchy's Tuatha de Danann master-at-arms. He has a teenage daughter, Chelsea, with Bridget Ames. He is extremely loyal but is a rigid rule-follower.

Biography / BackgroundEdit

He's Toby's grudging trainer, and eventual friend after Ashes of Honor.

About Edit

Characteristics Nature / Personality Edit

  • Hidebound, traditionalist, inflexible—but also decent, kind, and determinedly loyal

Physical Appearance Edit

  • copper sheen to his eyes, glittering, metallic, inhuman[1]

References Edit

  1. Ashes of Honor, Ch. 6

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External References Edit

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