Faerie — The whole realm of Faerie, or the land of the Faeries.

Faerie Defined Edit

Faerie is the place beyond the Summerlands behind the door. It is the place where fae were created, a universe with many realms but was closed by Oberon (see Big Three) a long time ago. ~ Open Book Society

✥ Faerie is also used to express anything having to do with Faeries or Faeries as a whole. Example:

Maybe that’s why it was so easy to turn my back on Faerie. It’s taken me away from the mortal world twice now. It doesn’t get a third try.[1]

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Considered SacredEdit

  • Threes are sacred in Faerie- three Courts and three rulers, the absent King and Queens that parented our myriad races. most legends say there are three roads to any destination: the hard way, the easy way, and the long way [2]
  • Sacred Woods
  • Promises [3]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Seven years is the traditional period of confinement for those humans who manage to find their way into the hollow hills—it is an ironic coincidence that seven years on the missing list is the limit of a human existence, after which a human can be delayed dead.[1]
  • Fourteen years is no time at all in Faerie. It's the blink of an eye, the turning of a single tide. There have been balls that lasted longer than that, waltzes and banquets that stretched on for decades.[4]

Book References Edit

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