Fairies are beings from the land of Faerie, magic workers descended from Oberon, Maeve, and Titania. Most faeries are nocturnal, since magic is easier to cast during the night.[1] Dawn is a daily irritation and pain, burning away all illusions. 

There are many types of faeries, each with their own gifts and strengths. Individuals also vary in strength depending on their race and the purity of their blood. Each individual has an identifying magic signature, which is usually two blended fragrances. Like a fingerprint, this cannot be faked.[2] In some cases, there is only a single note of fragrance.[3]

While pureblood faeries are immortal, they are not immune from harm. Everyday injuries heal quickly and without scarring, because faeries do not decay.[4] Faeries do have several weakness, including the dawn, certain woods, and silver. Iron, however, is the most deadly. It burns and leaves scars that do not heal, poisons the blood, and tortures the mind.[citation needed] It can deaden magic for weeks or months. Faeries who die by iron do not come back.[3]

Faeries are by nature territorial- most of their wars have been fought over land.[5][6] They are self-centered and tend to be dishonest, and hate holding debts.[citation needed] However, if they make a promise, they keep it.[citation needed]  

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