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The Firstborn are the sons and daughters of the Lord and Ladies of Faerie: Oberon, Maeve, and Titania. Maeve's children are hot, Titania's children are cool, and Oberon's children are heroes (a bit ironic, given that Maeve is the Winter Queen, and Titania the Summer). They are as powerful compared to their children as the Lord and Ladies are compared to them—practically gods. Most are the progenitors of one (or possibly more) fae races. Who they are counts as spoilers, so beware unmarked ones. They were given real names by their parents, but took titles as a warning to their children. ~ Characters (Firstborn) / October Daye - Tropes & Idioms

✾ their Firstborn, who are the immediate descendants (children, although not always in a recognizeable sense) of the Three. The Undine, for example, were wept, not born, but are still children of Maeve. This includes Faerie's various monsters, although, so far as anyone knows, all the monsters are the result of the Firstborn tinkering, not the Three themselves. (This may or may not be true. I haven't decided, and since it's one of my few bits of beautiful indecision, I'm holding it for a while.) Regardless, everything in Faerie finds its way back to the Three, one way or another.

Here's where it gets complicated. The children of the Three are Firstborn, and while they can be similar, they are always entirely unique in all the world. Most of them can blend into their own descendant races, pretending to be what they create, but they'll always stand a little bit apart, no matter how hard they try to disappear. They get good with illusions and minor shapeshifts, because otherwise, they'd never have any peace. No one knows how many Firstborn are still alive. They don't want anyone to know. ~ seanan mcguire: Because You Asked: Fae races and where they come from.

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Any time a Firstborn takes a new lover and has children, the child or children will begin a new race. Firstborn are more fertile than normal fae, partially because otherwise, no races would ever become established. The Roane Firstborn, for example, had three children, and those three went on to beget all the rest of the Roane. As for when the last time this happened was. ~ seanan mcguire: Because You Asked: Fae races and where they come from.

There are (or were) over 100 Firstborn.[1]

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Fae Race Parented By, First Born Big 3 Born Of
Dochas Sidhe Amandine Oberon
Roane Luidaeg Oberon and Maeve
Selkie Luidaeg Maeve
Kitsune Keiko Inari Maeve
Cait Sidhe Erda, Malvic, Jibvel All Three
Blodynbryd Acacia & Blind Michael Maeve
Dryads Acacia Titania
Daoine Sidhe Eira Rosynhwyr Titania
Tuatha de Dannan Twins: Amorica & Elton (deceased) Oberon
Bannick Dobrinya Maeve
Candela Maeve
Tylwyth Teg Maeve
Merrow Titania

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"She and her sisters were goddesses then, she and Black Annis and Gentle Annie, tending the younger children, roaming the bogs and rivers of the world. Maeve’s Firstborn, pulled from her in blood and screaming while Oberon walked far, far away. But they died one by one at the hands of men and fae, by iron and ash and rowan and fire they died, until the Luidaeg was the last, running, always running, called monster and demon because her blood was so much older and wilder than their own." [2]

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First, the out-universe answer. All fae in Toby's world trace their lineage back to some combination of Oberon, Maeve, and Titania. Some have two of the First in their background, some only have one. The Cait Sidhe have all three, but they're a special case (as they so often are). This means that only mythical creatures whose backgrounds are somehow malleable can be subsumed into Toby's world. Kitsune, Tengu, Bakemono, Tsukumogami, Shi-Shu, Menehune, Nawao, and other creatures who don't have a very firm "and then so-and-so begat..." or who were originally presented as a lone individual and can be made into a race (such as the Blodynbryd) exist in Toby's reality. Other creatures, such as most of those found in Australian mythology, and pretty much all of Inuit or Native American folklore, don't exist, because there's no respectful way to say "and Oberon was your daddy's daddy's daddy, yay!" It's a juggling act. If I were establishing the rules of this universe today, I would probably either keep it more Euro-centric, to avoid possibly disrespecting another culture's folklore, or find a way to incorporate other fae monarchs in other places. I didn't do that when I wrote the first book, and so these are the rules I have to work with. If they're not descended from the Three, they don't exist.

Oh, and jiang shi don't exist because they're very explicitly dead in every accounting I can find. They'll eventually show up in InCryptid, which has very different rules. ~ seanan mcguire: Because You Asked: Fae races and where they come from.

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