Gilad Windermere — aka "King Gilad"

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Pureblooded Tuatha de Danann

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Gilad Windermere was previous King in the Mists. He died during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The current Queen of the Mists is lying about being his daughter because she is parts Siren, Banshee and Sea Wight and Gilad was Pureblooded Tuatha de Danann. It's Toby's mission (book #7) to find his heirs and put them on the throne, replacing the current Queen.

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  • former King in the Mists
  • deceased

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  • Teleportation

Surviving Family: Heirs Edit

  • Daughter: Arden — frightened of standing up for her rights;
  • Son: NolanElf Shot in the 1930s and will be asleep for some time

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Name Connection What About
Nolan Son Changeling, Tuatha de Danann Elf Shot in the 1930s and will be asleep for some time
Arden Daughter Changeling, Tuatha de Danann frightened of standing up for her rights

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