Gillian "Gilly" Natasha Marks
Vital statistics
Blood Classification Changeling
Type 1/4 Dochas Sidhe

(previously thought to be 1/4 Daoine Sidhe)

Personal Information
Age Born 1993
Allied with San Francisco

Family Amandine (grandmother)

Cliff Marks (father) October Daye (mother)

Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue

Gillian "Gilly" Marks

Biography / BackgroundEdit

Gillian Marks is Toby's daughter. She is named after Toby's mother.[1] She and her father Cliff refuse to have anything to do with Toby after her unexplained 14 year disappearance, despite Toby's attempts to make amends. Toby is unable to tell her the truth (not allowed due to exposure of Fae to mortals laws). An even more heartbreaking part will come when she has to make the Changeling's Choice.

About Edit

  • Gillian means "July"[2]
  • Devin made Toby promise that she wouldn’t marry Cliff until Gillian was age thirteen.[3]
  • a Doppleganger looking like Gillian entered Toby 's house and attacked her.
  • When Toby was pregnant with Gillian, Devin extracted a promise in payment for the favors past: that she wouldn’t marry Cliff until Gillian was thirteen years old. Until Gilly made the Choice, Devin wanted Toby to be ready to walk away.[4]
  • She was only a quarter-blood, and if she hadn’t been forced to make the Changeling’s Choice by the time she was age thirteen, she probably wouldn’t have to. [5]
  • As a child, fond of Sesame Street, coloring, chocolate ice cream[6]

Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
October Daye mother Changeling , Dochas Sidhe, (previously thought to be Daoine Sidhe), human Gillian refuses to see her, feels abandoned 
Cliff father human
Amandine grandmother FirstbornDochas Sidhe

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

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Quotes Edit

References Edit

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