Pronunciation glass-tig
Plural Glastigs
Category Water fae
Abilities glamours and shape-changing
Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue
Glaistig-b&w drawing


Glaistig by golden pool


Glaistig green




Glastigs are a type of water faerie.

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Characteristics / NatureEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Goat legs from mid-thigh down, rather than from the waist down, as with Satyrs
  • Goat ears

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Characters Edit

Glastig Folklore Edit

✥ In Scottish folklore, the Glaistig is a vampiric fairy that inhabits pools. Appearance: A beautiful, grey-skinned woman with long, flowing hair and wearing a long green dress in order to conceal the fact that the lower-half of her body is that of a goat, complete with hooves for feet. Lore: The Glaistig preys on adult men, luring them to their pools with their siren songs and draining them of their blood. Despite their vampiric tendencies, the Glaistig can also be helpful to humanity by guarding cattle and livestock as well as protecting children, the elderly, and dim-witted individuals. In return for such favors the Glaistig will be happy to accept libations of milk. Powers: Fairy glamour, shape-shifting, and a bewitching siren-like song by which she entices her prey. ~ Demoniacal

✥ The Glaistig is a water faerie who is part alluring woman and part goat. She hides her cloven hooves under long flowing gowns and uses her good looks to entice men to dance with her, and when they are completely under her spell, she feeds on their blood. But on a gentler note she is kind to children and old people. On the island of Iona local women used to leave offerings of milk on the Glaistig Stone every evening as she lived nearby in a cave. In return for this kindness the Glaistig would guard their livestock during the night. ~ Faeries and all that stuff: The Glaistig of Scotland

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