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Hobs are strictly domestic spirits, and they tend to attach themselves to single households for generations, often raising their children to join them.[1]

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  • land fae
  • They are similar to a Brownie

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  • No one keeps a house cleaner than a Hob, and there's never any dust on the liquor cabinet.[2]

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Name What About
Kerry Changeling, three-quarters Hob childhood friend to Toby Daye and Stacy Brown

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Like the Brownie, the Hob is a household fairy that helps with chores around the house. The hob in particular, looks after the health of children. He is especially good in curing a child's cough. He is naked and has long hair. If you give it clothes, it will be offended and leave the service of your house. ~ Hob ~ Myth Beasts

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  2. A Local Habitation, ch. 1

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