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1. Rosemary and Rue (2009)

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The Hope Chest is a precious faerie item that Evening Winterrose compelled (using a geas) Toby to find along with her murderers. She is also to find out why they want it.

The stories say there are twelve hope chests, that Oberon made them when mankind was still nothing but an interesting diversion. Some people say the chests hold secrets, or stars, or nothing at all; that the Heart of Faerie is hidden in one and the others are decoys, or that they hold a map that would lead us to our missing King and Queens. Some say the chests hold the keys to the deeper lands of Faerie, the places on the other side of the Summerlands. And behind closed doors, they say the hope chests hold a different sort of key: the key to immortality. That they can change the balance of a changeling’s blood, making them pureblooded . . . or human. [1]



  • Carved by Oberon’s own hands from the four sacred woods of Faerie interlocked, carved with knives of water and air—oak and ash for bracing and balance, rowan and thorn for pattern and protection. It is said to be twelve of them. [2]


  • Oberon carved made the first one himself as a gift to Titania.
  • No one knows who made the later ones.



  • can shift the balance of the blood passed it along to the first of her half-blood children
  • can make a changeling more human or more fae


Other DetailsEdit

  • An almost pleasant tingling burning that wasn’t painful speed through the finger and up the arm as it was held. [3]
  • Any child of Faerie, even a Changeling, would have known what it was.
  • It seems to whisper to the person holding it in hand, offering the world—like Pandora's box
  • It has a dangerous pull for Changelings.[4]

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Name What About
Evening Winterrose Countess of Goldengreen was murdered, the Hope Chest apparently at the center of it;
Tybalt Cait Sidhe, King of Cats Toby hides the Hope Chest with him with a sacred promise

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

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✥ In Rosemary and Rue, Toby found the Hope Chest in a secret place at Third Road Enterprises using the magical key that Evening left for her through an autumn sprite. The Sprite used a Rose Goblin[5] to deliver the key. The key brought her right to it. Toby felt it working on her—a burning sensation—right away. She wrapped it in in plastic and left to find a safe place for it. [6] Toby entrusted it to Tybalt making him swear a Formal Promise. She could feel it pull on her and knew it had to be kept with a pureblood and the Queen could't touch him.  — Toby had it for a few days after it was all over. She felt it had changes her in a smal way. She never touched it. Toby gave the box to the Queen. [7]

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