January O'Leary
Vital statistics
Blood Classification Pureblood
Type 3/4 Dione Sidhe, 1/4 Tylwyth Teg
Personal Information
Age less than 300
Allied with Duchy of Shadowed Hills

Rank, Titles, Other Names Countess

Family September Torquill (mother)

Sylvester Torquill (uncle)
Li Quin Zhou (wife)
April O'Leary (daughter)

Companions Elliott (seneschal)
Occupation CEO of ALH Computing

Mentioned in A Local Habitation

Countess January O'Leary — aka January ap Learianth  is Duke Sylvester Torquill's niece and CEO of ALH Computing, located in the County of Tamed Lightning.

About Edit

Characteristics Nature / Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Brunette with red streaks, china-pale skin; wore glasses; artful graceless-ness, like she wore the world instead of letting it wear her.[1]


For a full list of employees, see ALH Computing.

Events in the Series Edit

A Local Habitation Edit

Main article: A Local Habitation

January has not called Sylvester in three weeks though she always calls every week. So, he sends Toby, to investigate.[2] When Toby arrives, January acts nervous—Toby realizes something is not right.

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References Edit

  1. A Local Habitation, Ch. 4
  2. A Local Habitation, Ch. 2

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