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Jin is the Resident Healer at the Duchy of Shadowed Hills.

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  • Healing

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  • She is bossy to her patients making sure they rest especially Toby who keeps reopening her wound. [1]

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Name Connection What About
Sylvester Torquill his liege  Duke of Shadowed Hills Sylvester insists Toby see him 

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Use the book title at the opening of each paragraph as a "Spoiler Warning".

✥ In Rosemary and Rue, Sylvester Torquill insists Toby see him after all of her injuries. [2]

✥ In Ashes of Honor, Etienne told Toby that Jin brewed something in Sylvester's tea during those long years when his wife and child had been abducted and Toby went missing.

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  1. Rosemary and Rue, ch. 27
  2. Rosemary and Rue, ch. 27

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