Pronunciation kit-soo-nay
Plural Kitsune
Category Land fae
Descended from Keiko Inari (daughter of Maeve)
Abilities strength depends on number of tails
Mentioned in An Artificial Night, One Salt Sea

Kitsune are Japanese fox faeries, descended from Keiko Inari, a daughter of Maeve.

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Japanese fox-spirit. Their strength is measured by the number of their tails. Unlike other skinshifting Fae, the Kitsune are more like the Roane, able to shift between animal and humanoid form with ease. Luna however was able to replicate the Selkie's method at the cost of Hoshibara's life, though she was unable to remove the skin she wore until Raysel poisoned it out of her.

The Kitsune have been remarked to have an affinity for alchemy, as evidenced with Yui's stash of natural ingredients.

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Firstborn Edit

  • Keiko Inari

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  • Alchemic by nature
  • Soothsayers (Toby remarks that it's rare)


  • Japan

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  • Usually have fox ears, the strength of their magic measured by their tails)

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Characters Edit

  • Luna Torquill (Kistune skin stripped by Rayseline)
  • Keiko Inari
  • Yui (deceased in A Local Habitation, resurrected by April and Li Qin with help from Toby in Of Things Unknown)
  • Hoshibara (deceased)

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