A Knowe is the home and domain of a Faerie, carved from the space between the human world and the Summerlands. They are carved to fit fae needs and desires…reflecting the personalities of their keepers. Some of them are easy to get to while others require everything up to and including blood sacrifice just to get inside. It depends on who built them, and who controls the doors.[citation needed] All of them are hidden because they have to be, not just from mortal eyes—fae are territorial by nature and will hold it against whatever comes.[1] Knowes are at least partially sentient- they reflect the styles of their owners/rulers, and mourn if their owner/ruler is killed. Entrances can be anything, from carnival photo booths, gas station restrooms, or old cardboard boxes, to the more traditional grass rings and stone gateways.[citation needed]

Shallowings are a less permanent and stable type of knowe.

Knowes in Mythology Edit

The hills from which the Sidhe take their name[2]

Knowe Entrances Edit

Knowe Entrance Location Who
Kingdom of the Mists, Queen's Knowe by the Bay Queen of the Mists
Duchy of Shadowed Hills Mt. Diablo State Park Sylvester Torquill
Goldengreen on cliff behind the San Francisco Art Museum Evening Winterrose, October Daye,
Tea Gardens
Tamed Lightning shallowing
Amandine's Tower

Book Chapter References Edit

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References Edit