List of Fae Types

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Land Faeries Types Edit

Name  What Characters About
Bannick Elliot
Barrow-Wight Stacy Brown
Bridge Troll trolls Danny
Brownies diminutive fae often servents
Cait Sidhe Cat Fae Tybalt, Raj
Candela illuminating species of fae Grianne; changeling at Home help teleport, scout
Changeling see page
Coblynau b1-ch27 spells of concealment
Daoine Sidhe Blood Riders see page
Dochas Sidhe Blood Magic Amandine, October Daye
Dryads Tree Spirits April O'Leary lost her tree, so they worked her into the circuitry
Glastig b1-ch7
Gwragen b1-ch13
Hob Melly & Ormond; often servents 
Kitsune Fox shifting fae Luna Torquill Japanese
Lamia Devin Toby suspect Devin is Lamia
Night-haunts b1-ch2-3
Peri Oleander de Merelands viscous, violent
Piskie Size-changers Dare, Manuel Lorimer Dare & Manuel are part Piskie changelings sibs
Pixie little humanoid shape fae fly in packs; ususally armed;
Puca drag onfly wings and white-blind eyes b1-ch16 One in the Tea Gardens fiefdom
Redcaps thugs, killers one shot Toby–bk1; 
Rose Goblin kitty cat covered with rose thrones Spike rattles them when it gets upset; Toby's new pet –bk1;
Shyi Shuai luck fae Li Quin Zhou
Sprite tiny with wings Evening Winterrose gave one a Key
Tuatha de Danann
Tylwyth Teg Walther

Sea Faerie Types Edit

Name  What Characters About
Merrow Merfolk Dianda Lorden
Selkie Seal People Connor O'Dell
Hippocampus Horses of the Sea Quentin was gifted one after the events at ALH
Kelpie Horses of the sea b-1; a large black horse with glowing red eyes that just happens to smell like seawed, 
Undine Sea fae Lily Countess of the Tea Gardens; Toby's friend;
Siren Queen of the Mists
Sea Wight Queen of the Mists
Banshee Queen of the Mists

Air Faerie Types Edit

Name  What Characters About

Fire Faerie Types Edit

Name  What Characters About

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