List of Fae Types

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Land Fae Types Edit

Name  What Characters About
Brownie diminutive fae often servants
Centaur Humanoid from the waist up, horse from the waist down
Ceryneian Hind/Golden Hinds Humanoid from the waist up, and golden-furred, bipedal deer from the waist down. King Theron, Queen Chrysanthe
Fetch Death Omen May Daye
Hob Melly & Ormond; often servents 
Night-haunts Consume Faerie's dead May Daye (former) b1-ch2-3
Pixie small, humanoid, winged fae Poppy fly in packs; ususally armed;
Puca drag onfly wings and white-blind eyes b1-ch16 One in the Tea Gardens fiefdom
Rose Goblin kitty cat covered with rose thorns Spike rattles them when it gets upset; Toby's new pet –bk1;
Sprite tiny with wings Evening Winterrose gave one a Key

Sea/Water Fae Types Edit

Name  What Characters About
Hippocampus Horses of the Sea Quentin was gifted one after the events at ALH
Kelpie Horses of the sea A large, black horse with glowing red eyes. Tempts people onto its back to prey on them.
List of Fae
Land Fae

Aes SidheAfancBannickBansheeBarghestBarrow WightBlodynbrydBansheeBogeyBridge TrollBrownieCait SidheCandelaCentaurCeryneian HindChangelingCoblynauCornish PixieCu SidheDaoine SidheDjinnDochas SidheDopplegangerDryadEllyllonFetchGean-CannahGlastigGremlinGwragenHamadryadHobKitsuneLamiaManticoreNight-hauntPeriPiskiePixiePucaRose GoblinSatyrShyi ShuaiSileneSpriteSwanmayTuatha de DannanTylwyth TegUriskWill o' Wisps

Sea Fae

AsraiCephaliCetaeHippocampusKelpieMerrowNaiadNixieRoaneSea WightSirenSelkieUndine

Air Fae

FollettiSluage Sidhe

Fire Fae