List of Faerie Kingdoms, Duchys, Realms — Realms of Faerie —  includes: Fiefdoms, Counties, etc.

List of Fae Realms Edit

Greater Realms Edit

Name Location Note
Heart of Faerie deepest center of Faerie cut off from the rest of the fae by Oberon five hundred years ago
Anwynn deep realm of Faerie
Blind Michael's Realm down the Rose or Candle Roads
Undersea all saltwater
Fire Kingdoms domain of salamders,hearts of volcanos
Oversky anchored in the clouds
Summerlands all remaining ground and freshwater[1] includes the Westlands, Snow Kingdoms

The WestlandsEdit

Name Title Holder  Characters Entrance to Knowe Note Book
The Westlands

High King Aethlin Sollys

High Queen Maida Sollys (consort)

Crown Prince Quentin Sollys (son)

N/A Covers all North America, based in Toronto Chimes at Midnight
Kingdom of the Undersea King Murtagh as of 1676 Forbid the Sea
Duchy of Saltmist Duchess Dianda Lorden

Patrick Lorden (husband)

Dean Lorden (elder son)

Peter Lorden (younger son)

Connor O'Dell (ambassador)

Undersea #5
Kingdom of the Mists Queen Arden Windermere

Nolan Windermere (brother)

Previously held by:

Queen of the Mists

King Gilad Windermere (father)

overlays Northern California all
Duchy of Shadowed Hills Duke Sylvester Torquill

Luna (wife)

Rayseline (daughter)

Connor O'Dell (son in law)

Quentin Sollys (foster)

Etienne (captain of the guard)

Mt. Diablo State Park all
County of Goldengreen Count Dean Lorden

Previously held by:

Evening Winterrose

October Daye

San Francisco Art Museum #1, 6
Duchy of Dreamer's Glass Li Quin Zhou 

near Tamed Lightning

Previously held by: 

Duchess Tresea Riordan (ashes of honor, ch 13)

County of Tamed Lightning April O'Leary

Previously held by:

January O'Leary

small independent County, home of ALH Software #2
Tea Gardens Lily Marcia, Walther Davies Part of Golden Gate Park, an independent area #1, #4
Fiefdom of Home Devin (Lamia, maybe) place for homeless Changelings #1
Tarans of the Berkeley Hills dangerous, but details unknown Rosemary and Rue, Ch. 6
Court of Dreaming Cats Tybalt, King of Cats

Raj (Prince of Cats)

Samson (Raj's father)


Cats of San Francisco  all
Kingdom of Angels Los Angeles and southern California? Rosemary and Rue
Kingdom of Londinium King Heydon, Queen Lettice colors:blue and white, overlays London Forbid the Sea
Court of Fogbound Cats Tybalt, sisters Jill and Colleen, two brothers, father Cats of London Rat-Catcher,Forbid the Sea

Smaller Fiefdoms Edit

Golden Gate Park swears fealty to no regent—it’s more like a reef of tiny fiefdoms, scattered through the park. [2]

List of Roads Edit

Road Users Location
Shadow Roads Cait Sidhe Court of Cats and any shadors or lost places
Rose Road Luna Torquill Between realms
Blood Road[3]
Old Road[3] Purebloods
Candle Road[3] any who walk by candlelight Blind Michael's Realm

Book References Edit

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