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Name What Races Parented or Firstborn to Born of which Big Three Connection Note
Amandine Last of the First, mother unknown - neither Maeve nor Titania mother of the Dochas Sidhe Oberon Daughters: October Daye, August Torquill

Simon Torquill

Blood Magic
Luidaeg Antigone of Albany mother of all Roane... and Selkie Maeve's and Oberon's first-born nemesis, mentor to Toby Sea Witch; "First born of the Firstborn"
Blind Michael Erl-King father of Blodynbryd Son of Maeve Leader of the Wild Hunt steals kids for Hunt; Luna's father
Acacia first Dryad mother of Dryads & Blodynbryd Daughter of Titania Blind Michael's consort Luna's mother
Eira Rosynhwyr Fae Daoine Sidhe firstborn Eldest child of Titania and Oberon Luidaeg's mortal enemy; Oleander worked for her; part Siren-Banshee
Gentle Annie deceased; real name: Anglides; Mother of Trees Daughter of Maeve sisters: Luidaeg & Black Annis killed by Titania's children[1]
Black Annis deceased; none ? Daughter of Maeve sisters: Luidaeg & Annie killed by Titania's children[2]
Amorica deceased Firstborn of the Tuatha de Dannan Daughter of Titania Twin: Elton her magic smells like burning heather
Elton Tuatha de Dannan Firstborn of the Tuatha de Dannan Son of Titania Twin: Amorica his magic smelled like dewey heather
Keiko Inari Kitsune Mother of the Kitsune ? Luna Torquill took a Kitsune skin
Malvic Cait Sidhe one of the Cait Sidhe firstborn ? The Cait Sidhe come from all three
Erda Cait Sidhe one of the Cait Sidhe firstborn ? The Cait Sidhe come from all three
Arawn of the White Stag White Stag Realm of Annwn ? wild Firstborn
Aoife The Fixed Stars
Dobrinya Survival status unknown; the "most gentle" of the firstborn Bannick Once Broken Faith
Dawn Evening's Sister Rosemary and Rue

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"She and her sisters were goddesses then, she and Black Annis and Gentle Annie, tending the younger children, roaming the bogs and rivers of the world. Maeve’s Firstborn, pulled from her in blood and screaming while Oberon walked far, far away. But they died one by one at the hands of men and fae, by iron and ash and rowan and fire they died, until the Luidaeg was the last, running, always running, called monster and demon because her blood was so much older and wilder than their own." [3]

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