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File:220px-Serpiente alquimica.jpgFile:3. Late Eclipses (October DayeFile:4 Late Eclipses (2011) by Seanan McGuire.jpg
File:5. yeFile:5 One Salt Sea (2011) by Seanan McGuire.jpgFile:8 The Winter Long- October Daye
File:A Local Habitation.jpegFile:A Local Habitation (October DayeFile:An Artificial Night (October Daye
File:Artificial night Mcgrath.jpgFile:Ashes of Honor (October DayeFile:Bannik.jpg
File:Bannik bathhouse spirit.jpgFile:Barghest.jpgFile:Black Annis.jpg
File:Black Annis - monsters.jpgFile:Black Annis b&w.jpgFile:Black annis square.jpg
File:C mcgrath.jpgFile:Candela.jpgFile:Chimes at Midnight (October Daye
File:Chris McGrath.jpgFile:Coblynau.jpgFile:Coblynau - 348px.jpg
File:Coblynau cartoon figure.jpgFile:Cover forbid.jpgFile:Cover never.jpg
File:Faerie - for Amandine.jpgFile:Fairy queen and candela.jpgFile:ForH20-Hippocampus.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Glaistig-b&w drawing.jpgFile:Glaistig by golden pool.jpg
File:Glaistig green.jpgFile:Glastig.jpgFile:Green Kelpie 2.jpg
File:Hippocamp-curly.jpgFile:Hippocampu and mermaid.jpgFile:Hippocampus-blue.jpg
File:Hippocampus-myth.pngFile:Hippocampus.jpgFile:Hippocampus - Poseidon parchemnt.jpg
File:Hippocampus - Sebastian Meyer-29.jpgFile:Hippocampus - b&w.gifFile:Hippocampus - blue violet.jpg
File:Hippocampus - golden.jpgFile:Hippocampus - merhorse.jpgFile:Hippocampus - multi color small.jpg
File:Hippocampus Seahorse by OZ-best.jpgFile:Hippocampus green - pjackson.jpgFile:Hob - brownie.jpg
File:Hob family.jpgFile:Hyppocampi (GOW).jpgFile:Kelpie-2b.jpg
File:Kelpie-300x236.jpgFile:Kelpie-many riders.jpgFile:Kelpie. Celtic folklore.jpg
File:Kelpie2.jpgFile:Kelpie in mist.jpgFile:Mermaids, Boris Vallejo.jpg
File:Merrow2.jpgFile:Merrow3.pngFile:Merrow back to sea.jpg
File:Murdock by bridge troll.jpgFile:No sooner met cover 237x365.jpgFile:Poseidon riding hippocampus.jpg
File:RObin HOb.jpgFile:Rat cover s.jpgFile:Red cap.png
File:Rose Goblin WIP by KatGirlStudio.jpgFile:Rose Goblin by kadharonon.jpgFile:Rosemary an Rue-McGrath.jpg
File:Rosemary and Rue.jpegFile:Rosemary and Rue (October DayeFile:Seal People.jpg
File:Seanan McGuire.jpgFile:Selkie-dan-mills.jpgFile:Tears cover s.jpg
File:The Aughisky-kelpie.jpgFile:The Sleeping Troll by bridge-troll.jpgFile:The Winter Long (October Daye
File:Troll-bridge.jpgFile:Troll under bridge.jpgFile:Tth cover1s.jpg
File:Twisted Hippocampus.jpgFile:Undine 2.jpgFile:Undine water.jpg
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