Manuel Lorimer is a changeling who lives with his twin sister Dare at Home. brother. He is part Piskie and part Tylwyth Teg. He blames Toby for Dare's death and ends up living in the Duchy of Shadowed Hills.

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Dare  sister changeling  Piskie/Tylwyth Teg

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Toby first meets Manuel at Home. He apologizes for his sister, Dare. then tells her that Bucer O’Malley, a Glastig told him that Evening Winterrose had been killed and cops swarmed the building. He was headed to the Queens court after that.[1] He and his sister, Dare, help stop a Doppleganger from killing Toby. Devin lays into them for not being their sooner. Toby stops Devin and tells him they saved her life. [2] Manuel can stay at Duchy of Shadowed Hills for as long as he wants. He's mourning and avowing Toby.

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