May Daye — Fetch to Toby

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May is, to all intents and purposes, and legally speaking for the mundane world, Toby's twin sister. The truth of her existence is that she is Toby's Fetch—a perfect copy of her that is supposed to guide her on after death.

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  • May has all the memories of having learned to drive without the skill that goes with actually learning it. This leads to a woman who treats traffic laws like mere suggestions and uses brakes in a way that they were not generally intended. This does not improve as the books go on.
  • "Mayday" is a communications term for "we are in grave danger"

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  • Dating Jasmine ("Jazz"), a Raven-maid.

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Name Connection What About
October Daye May is her Fetch Fetch May is her roommate and “legally” her twin sister
Jazz girlfriend Raven-maid, (raven shifter) dating;

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