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Cover of Never Shines the Sun

"Never Shines the Sun" was commissioned for the print edition of Chimes at Midnight. It is a print exclusive, and is not included with any other editions at this time.

Author's SummaryEdit

In 1959, Faerie came for a little changeling girl named October Daye and presented her with the Choice that her mother had been struggling to prevent her from ever needing to make. But how did Faerie find her? Where did the channel of October's destiny diverge? To know the answer, you must look to the water, and to the woman who many refer to as "the sea witch."

It can be hard to deal with betrayal. Betrayal by family is so very much worse.

Suggested Reading OrderEdit

Chronologially before Rosemary and Rue, but spoilers up through Ashes of Honor.



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