Night-haunts are winged creatures that eat the bodies of dead Faeries for the memories they contain.[citation needed] When someone fae dies, the night-haunts rapidly appear to take the body away. They leave an exact (humanized) replica behind.[1] The Faeries made this arrangement with the night-haunts long ago.[2] Without them, the bodies would remain forever, because faeries do not age or decay.[2]

In certain circumstances, night-haunts can become Fetches, warning of an impending death. It is revealed by the Luidaeg that the night-haunts were a scourge among the Fae, eating both living and dead, until Oberon bound them to eat only the dead. [citation needed]

Night-haunts take the face of the body they've eaten most recently.[citation needed]

There are multiple flocks of night-haunts, scattered all over the world.  They usually live in groups of about thirty to sixty, depending.  They have a higher than usual birth rate for fae, because they also have a higher than usual death rate; a night-haunt who doesn’t manage to taste a death before their last one runs out will literally starve and disappear.[3]

References Edit

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