Oleander de Merelands
Vital statistics
Blood Classification Fae
Type Peri / Tuatha de Dannan
Magical Signature Sulfuric acid and crushed oleander
Personal Information
Age 900, passes for 16
Allied with Eira Rosynhwyr

Companions Simon Torquill (lover)
Occupation Poisoner and assassin

Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue

Oleander de Merelands

Biography Edit

Oleander is an assassin. Rumors put her at half the assassinations in the last 100 years. There are rewards on her head in half of the kingdoms that October Daye can name, and the other half just haven't gotten around to it yet.

In Rosemary and Rue, she conspires with Simon Torquill to turn Toby into a koi fish for 14 years.

In Late Eclipses, Oleander and Rayseline conspire against Toby in murderous ways, part of their plan involves gas-lighting Toby and blaming all of their misdeeds on her. Eventually, Raysel betrays and stabs her with one of her poisoned blades, and Toby finishes the job.

She had taunted Amandine in the past about her relationship with Simon and even tried to go after Toby, but Amandine shifted her blood back and forth as a torture method to warn Oleander away.

In Chimes at Midnight, a night-haunt wearing Oleander's face warns Toby not to make promises she can't keep in regards to the goblin-fruit epidemic.

About Edit

Powers, Abilities, Skills Edit

  • The Peri/Tuatha de Danann is the combination that enables her to seek out her victims - Peri for cruelty, Tuatha for seeking

Characteristics / Personality Edit

  • Looks physically 16 (Toby remarked she looked like Simon's jailbait girlfriend despite her age), with golden skin and waist-length black hair
  • Is known her fondness of poisons, but mostly for her use of the oleander in them.
  • Sadistic - common among Peris

Other Details Edit

  • Used Nerium as her name when she posed as a Hob. Nerium was short for Nerium Orleander, the scientific name for the oleander.
  • Rumored to have been involved in the execution of King Gillad.
  • enjoys socializing almost as much as she enjoys hurting people
  • long black hair to her waist[1]

Character Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
Simon Torquill; lover, Sylvester's twin, Daoine Sidhe kidnaps Luna and
Eira Rosynhwyr Worked for
King Gilad Windermere former King of the Mist Oleander rumored to have been involved in his death

References Edit

  1. Rosemary and Rue, Ch. 1

See alsoEdit

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