Race Type Pronunciation Plural Diminutive
Asrai sea fae as-rye Asrai
Bannick land fae ban-nick Bannicks
Banshee land fae ban-shee Banshees
Barghest land fae bar-guy-st Barghests
Barrow Wight land fae bar-row white Barrow Wights
Blodynbryd land fae blow-din-brid Blodynbryds
Cait Sidhe land fae kay-th shee Cait Sidhe
Candela land fae can-dee-la Candela
Cephali sea fae she-fall-li Cephali
Coblynau land fae cob-lee-now Coblynau
Cornish Pixie land fae corn-ish pix-ee Cornish Pixies
Daoine Sidhe land fae doon-ya shee Daoine Sidhe Daoine
Djinn land fae jin Djinn
Dóchas Sidhe land fae doe-sh-as shee Dóchas Sidhe
Ellyllon land fae el-lee-lawn Ellyllons
Gean-Cannah land fae gee-ann can-na Gean-Cannah
Glastig land fae glass-tig Glastigs
Gwragen land fae guh-war-a-gen Gwragen
Hamadryad land fae ha-ma-dry-add Hamadryads
Hippocampus sea fae hip-po-cam-pus Hippocampi
Hob land fae hob Hobs
Kelpie sea fae kel-pee Kelpies
Kitsune land fae kit-soo-nay Kitsune
Lamia land fae lay-me-a Lamia
The Luidaeg sea fae the lou-sha-k No plural exists.
Manticore land fae man-tee-core Manticores
Merrow sea fae meh-row Merrow
Naiad sea fae nigh-add Naiads
Nixie sea fae nix-ee Nixen
Peri land fae pear-ee Peri
Piskie land fae piss-key Piskies
Pixie land fae pix-ee Pixies
Puca land fae puh-ca Pucas
Roane sea fae row-n Roane
Satyr land fae say-tur Satyrs
Selkie sea fae sell-key Selkies
Silene land fae sigh-lean Silene
Swanmay land fae swan-may Swanmays
Tuatha de Dannan land fae tootha day danan Tuatha de Dannan Tuatha
Tylwyth Teg land fae till-with teeg Tylwyth Teg Tylwyth
Undine sea fae un-deen Undine
Urisk land fae you-risk Urisk
Will o’ Wisps land fae will-oh wisps Will o’ Wisps

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