Rose Goblin
Plural Rose Goblins
Category Land fae
Descended from Acacia and Blind Michael
Habitat rose bushes
Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue

Rose Goblins are flower fae, made from cuttings of the Blodynbryd. They look like cat shaped rosebushes, covered with short, soft-looking pink and gray rose thorns, with shorter thorns on ears and muzzle. Like porcupines, they can only be petted one way. They do not flower or have rosebush infestations or diseases. While they have some magical ability, they are about as intelligent and as flighty as a real cat and are not much of a threat, even to changelings. While they cannot talk, they communicate by rattling their thorns and producing some whining vocalizations. Rose goblins often smell of peat moss and roses.

Rose goblins are very tied to the bushes that they came from, and all of them know Luna Torquill.

Rose Goblin by kadharonon

Rose Goblin by kadharonon

About Edit

  • clawed
  • large wide eyes
  • sharp teeth

Abilities, Powers, Skills Edit

  • can be used for carrying messages[1]
  • have minor teleportation skills[2]

Characteristics and NatureEdit

  • share the Dryads' flightiness—it's usually necessary to have them followed when sent on an errand to make sure they return.
  • shed thorns instead of fur—perfect hypoallergenic pet


  • Sisters: Black Annis and Gentle Annie


  • Not usually seen in urban area.

Other DetailsEdit

Characters Edit

Quote Edit

It looked like "the bastard child of a house-cat and a rosebush. It looked small, harmless, and completely out of place." ~ Toby, Rosemary and Rue, ch-8.
“Rose goblins are built like porcupines - if you rub them the right way, you don't have to worry about the spines. They're sort of like people in that regard, too.​” ― Rosemary and Rue.

Book References Edit

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