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The Shadow Roads are Tybalt’s secret pathways. The Court of Cats has no precise location, and is connected by the Shadow Roads, accessible only by the Cait Sidhe and perhaps by actual cats.

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"Those who are not born to the Court of Cats find no succor in our places. The cold that chills me freezes them; the air that devils me evades them entire. On the rare occasions that one who is not of our get has been brought to travel through the shadows, they have emerged on the other side frozen and gasping—assuming they emerged at all. People have been lost, who entered the shadows when they do not belong there.

Such transits are exhausting for the Cait Sidhe who guides them; the magic of the road barely notices our own travels, but takes great interest in those not of our Court. I have even heard whispers of Cait Sidhe who have died in consequence of leading strangers through the dark, spilling their vitality so completely onto the Shadow Roads that what should have been commonplace turns fatal"[1]

"[Firstborn, Queen] Erda, who had been the first to anchor the Shadow Roads, and without whose blood we would be unable to reach them."[1]

According to Tybalt in Jealous in Honor, "There was a time when the Shadow Roads belonged to my father and fought against me, seeing me as an usurper in the making, unfit to hold and harness them. That time is far behind me, and they welcomed me like an old friend, wrapping themselves around me and guiding my steps through the endless dark. The Shadow Roads belong always and only to the Cait Sidhe; others may touch upon their borders, like the Candela, who sometimes flicker through the edges of our everlasting night, but none may take them from us.

They are, perhaps, the last of the stable Roads which once wound through all of Faerie, connecting its disparate realms and making a lie of distance. The Rose Road is lost and the Blood Road is corrupted; the Salt Road is guarded jealously by the Undersea, who will not share its secrets, and the Babylon Road leads only to Blind Michael, and hence to doom. There were dozens of Roads once, Roads to claim and Roads to question, but here and now, only the Shadows remain."

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