Simon Torquill
Vital statistics
Blood Classification Fae
Type Dione Sidhe
Magical Signature Smoke and rotten oranges
Personal Information
Age just over 500
Allied with Shadowed Hills

Rank, Titles, Other Names Baron

Family September Torquill (elder sister)

Sylvester Torquill (elder brother) Amandine (wife) August Torquill (daughter) January O'Leary (niece) Rayseline Torquill (niece)

Companions Oleander de Merelands
Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue

Simon Torquill

Biography / Background Edit

Simon Torquill is Sylvester Torquill's twin brother and he despises his brother. He kidnapped Sylvester's wife and daughter in book one. Under the influence of his lover Oleander de Merelands, Simon turned October Daye into a fish for 14 years. Returns in book #8 with an explanation with a warning of a bigger enemy to Toby and under a powerful geas to not say who, what, how or why—or anything else.

About Edit

Ocupation / Titles / Position Edit

Abilities, Powers, Skills Edit


Characteristics Nature / Personality Edit

arrogant jerk, evil, not stupid[1]

Physical Appearance Edit

Home / HabitatEdit

Other DetailsEdit

Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
Sylvester Torquill twin brother Duke of Shadowed Hills Simon hates him
October Daye Simon is her enemy Changeling, Knight Errant Simon turned her into a fish for 14 years;
Oleander de Merelands lover master illusionist, poisoner, brilliant assassin, 900 year old Fae; got Simon to turn Toby into a fish for 14 years;
Luna Torquill kidnapped her wife of Sylvester Torquill
Rayseline Torquill kidnapped her daughter of Sylvester Torquill
Amandine wife youngest Firstborn.
August Torquill daughter daughter of Simon and Amandine. Currently missing. Unknown if alive.

References Edit

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External References Edit

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