The Summer Roads Key belonged to Evening Winterrose. She sent it via Rose Goblin to October Daye after her death. It is a beautiful thing, giving off a faint light, "carved silver, covered in so many rings of ivy and roses that it was barely recognizable as a key."[1] Looking at it, one gets the impression that there are very few doors it will not open.

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A magical key that can open many doors in Faerie, like Knowes and what is in them, doors, cabinets, etc.


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Name What About
Evening Winterrose Pureblood Daoine Sidhe; Countess of Goldengreen left the key for Toby
October Daye Changeling, Knight-errant Toby used it to pay Luidaeg for information
Luidaeg Firstborn

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Evening Winterrose left the key to the Summer Roads before she died with an Oak Sprite. The Sprite used a Rose Goblin to deliver the key to Toby. She used it to investigate clues at Third Road Enterprises, Evening's company. Later, Toby used the Summer Roads key to pay Luidaeg for information.[2]

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