The Summer Roads Key belonged to Evening Winterrose. She sent it via Rose Goblin to October Daye after her death. It is a beautiful thing, giving off a faint light, "carved silver, covered in so many rings of ivy and roses that it was barely recognizable as a key."[1] Looking at it, one gets the impression that there are very few doors it will not open.

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A magical key that can open many doors in Faerie, like Knowes and what is in them, doors, cabinets, etc.


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Name What About
Evening Winterrose Pureblood Daoine Sidhe; Countess of Goldengreen left the key for Toby
October Daye Changeling, Knight-errant Toby used it to pay Luidaeg for information
Luidaeg Firstborn

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Evening Winterrose left the key to the Summer Roads before she died with an Oak Sprite. The Sprite used a [[[Rose Goblin]] to deliver the key to Toby. She used it to investigate clues at Third Road Enterprises, Evening's company. Later, Toby used the Summer Roads key to pay Luidaeg for information.[2]

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