The Tea Gardens, aka Japanese Tea Gardens, are held by Lily and are located on the Queen's land in Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park is "carved into dozens of tiny fiefdoms- some no bigger than a single tree- and their boundaries are rigidly enforced."[1] There is no local regent.


Locations within the GardensEdit

  • Moon Bridge
  • Lily's pond

History / BackgroundEdit

Characters Associated Edit

Name What About
Lily Undine Lady of the Tea Gardens, Toby's friend; becomes ill later in series;
Marcia quarter-blooded changeling Lily took her in when most of Faerie wouldn't; later, seneschal to the Count of Goldengreen;
Walther Davies Tylwyth Teg, teacher teaches chemistry at UC Berkeley
Toby Daye Changeling Knight Errant for Sylvester Torquill;  
Pieria Pixie ? hurt her wing, so Walther went to get Lily, found her ill; 

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References Edit

  1. Rosemary and Rue, Ch. 1

External References Edit

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