Through This House is a short story originally published in the anthology Home Improvement: Undead Edition[1], released in August of 2011.

Now until break of day
through this house each fairy stray.

—William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Author's Summary Edit

The knowe known as "Goldengreen" has been locked and alone since the death of Evening Winterrose...which is why it's a bit of a problem when Toby and her allies are called upon to reopen the knowe. Knowes can have minds of their own, you see, and they don't take kindly to being disturbed. And since Toby would rather keep herself and her friends alive than actually succeed in her mission, it's entirely possible that things will not end the way that they were originally intended to.

Not that failure is an option. And not that trying to be careful is going to make any difference when the problem involves not just unreal real estate, but crumbling cliff faces, giant spiders, pixies, and smart-mouthed Fetch who insist on poking their noses in where they're not wanted. Oh, and did we mention that there's no coffee?

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Through This House is best read between Late Eclipses and One Salt Sea, as it falls chronologically directly between these two books. It naturally contains spoilers for the first four Toby adventures.

Plot Edit

After the Queen of the Mists bestows Goldengreen upon Toby, Toby and May attempt to find an entrance they can use. After the back entrance proves untenable, Danny and Quentin arrive to help. Quentin is able to use his skills as a Daoine Sidhe to trick the knowe into opening. Inside, they find crumbling walls, broken floors, and death. May, still able to sense death, finds the corpses of dozens of pixies, held prisoner by Evening Winterrose and unable to escape after her murder. As they examine one of the bodies, an angry flock of live pixies finds them and chases them into a trap. Bogies, in the form of spiders, capture the whole party. 

After waking up, Toby negotiates with the pixie leader and secures their release. Once on the ground, she promises him that, as Countess, she will allow no harm to come to either the pixies or the bogies that live there. In return, he brings her the knowe's awareness, encapsulated in a chunk of rose quartz. The knowe transmits its history to Toby, and she learns that her mother Amandine helped an unknown red-haired woman create Goldengreen. Toby is accepted as Countess of Goldengreen, and the lights in the previously dark knowe come on.

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mid-April, 2011

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  • San Francisco
    • San Francisco Art Museum
    • Japanese Tea Gardens
  • Knowe of Goldengreen
  • Goldengreen County

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