Vital statistics
Blood Classification Fae
Type Cait Sidhe
Magical Signature Pennyroyal and musk
Personal Information
Allied with Court of Cats

Rank, Titles, Other Names King

Family Anne O'Toole (wife, deceased)

October Daye (lover)
Samson (adopted brother)
Raj (adopted nephew, heir)

Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue

Tybalt is the King of the Court of Cats in San Francisco. He became their King by right of blood and he’s held the position by beating the crap out of anyone who tries to take it away.

Biography / BackgroundEdit

Tybalt's background in London is explored in Rat-Catcher and Forbid the Sea.

Julie is the reason Tybalt dislikes October so much. There were many hostile encounters growing up in the Summerlands with Tybalt with him ending up saying he's be happy to gut her if not for her mother. Julie left Tybalt's court and followed Toby to Home and he blamed Toby because she was the smart one. [1]

About Edit

Abilities, Powers, Skills Edit

  • "Royal," among the Cait Sidhe, is a measure of strength of magic. A royal Cait Sidhe must be able to travel the Shadow Roads without hindrance; carry others with them; transform from cat to human and back again, without any unwanted traits bleeding over from one shape to another; cast basic illusions; open doors between the deepest Court of Cats and the Summerlands; create Courts by hewing small spaces out of the Shadows and keeping them open, essentially as temporary shallowings, until they are no longer needed; command loyalty; and die and come back. This is not a comment set of skills. Most Cait Sidhe can access the Shadow Roads, cast illusions, and change forms...but not all of them. Some Cait Sidhe are always bipedal, or always cats. Some Cait Sidhe have tails in their human forms, or no tails in their cat forms. And so it goes.[2]
  • "…all I could do was stare, open mouthed. I’d never seen the King of Cats fight before. He was suddenly everywhere, made of nothing but fangs and claws and fury, snarling like a chainsaw trying to sing opera."[1]

Characteristics / Nature Edit

  • Pureblood, wouldn't have a changeling’s longing for the Hope Chest

Character / Personality Edit

  • Tybalt keeps his promises
  • dislikes changelings, Toby in particular[3]

Physical Appearance Edit

  • He had darker stripes of brown in his his short hair, mimicking a tabby’s coat, he had green cat-slit eyes. 
  • 6" taller than October 
  • sleek muscled build 
  • ivory skin[3]
  • "walking sex appeal" 

Other DetailsEdit

Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
Samson Raj's dad Cait Sidhe ambitious, moral-less father
Shade Tybalt’s opposite number Queen of Cats not allowed to interfere with another Cat Court
Sylvester Torquill once a friend Duke of Shadowed HIlls Sylvester kept Tybalt for Toby's sick-bed, he's resented him since
Hope Chest keeping hidden magical rare box Toby hides it with him with a sacred promise

Events in Series (Spoilers!) Edit

Rosemary and Rue Edit

Main article: Rosemary and Rue

Taunts October in alley.[3] Tybalt made a formal magical promise to October Daye to hold the Hope Chest is safe keeping from enemies.[4] Picked Toby up off the bridge in the Tea Gardens and carried her into Lily's Knowe.[4] Tybalt saves Toby and Julie from Redcap, killing him.[1] Toby goes to the Court of Cats led by Cagney and Lacey, through the Shadow Roads. She requests the blood from the killing in the park. He gives her his shirt. He stopped Julie from attacking Toby. [5] Toby found one of Tybalt's memories of her in the blood tea—"…she's come back to me". [6]

Quotes Edit

"I go where the urge takes me, October; you should know that by now. All places are alike to me, and today I wanted to check on my little fish. To see where she was ...swimming."[3]

References Edit

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