Tylwyth Teg
Pronunciation till-with teeg
Plural Tylwyth Teg
Category Land fae
Habitat lakes or hills
Diminutive Tylwyth
Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue
Tylwyth Teg are a type of land faerie.

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Per the October Daye booksEdit

Tylwyth Teg Mythology Edit

Tylwyth Teg are Welsh fairies who live in lakes or streams or in hollows of the hills.[1] They are described as fair-haired and covet golden-haired human children whom they kidnap, leaving changelings in their place.[2] They love to dance and give gifts, which only remain as long as they are secret.[1]

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Physical DescriptionEdit


Appearance Edit

  • Sharply pointed ears and glossy gold hair[3]

Characteristics and NatureEdit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

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  3. Rosemary and Rue, Ch. 6

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