Walther Davies
Vital statistics
Blood Classification Fae/Changeling/Human
Personal Information
Allied with Tea Gardens

Goldengreen (?)

Companions Marcia
Occupation professor, alchemist

Mentioned in Rosemary and Rue, Late Eclipses, Ashes of Honor, Chimes at Midnight
Walther Davies is a chemistry professor at the University of California at Berkeley and a former member of Lily's court at the Tea Gardens. He is an alchemist beyond the skill of even the Luidaeg.[citation needed]

Walther is the inventor of the elf-shot cure, a mix of potions and spells that can awaken any fae creature who is sleeping due to being elf-shot. He is also a friend and frequent ally/resource of October Daye. He presents the demeanor of a mild-mannered man, but Toby suspects him of slipping sedatives into his female graduate students' drinks.[1] He aids Toby in awakening a number of elf-shot victims, including Tybalt, Quentin Sollys and the brother of the Kingdom of the Mists' current Queen, Arden Windermere, and provides Toby with various weapons and materials she needs to carry out her missions. He occasionally accompanies her on quests himself, though reluctantly.

Race Edit

Walther is a member of the Tylwyth Teg race. He was also revealed to be part of the Silences royal family, though at the time he was biologically a girl. With encouragement from Siwan, he used alchemy to change his gender.

Biography / BackgroundEdit

Introduced April-May 2011 (Late Eclipses), he states that he had moved to the Bay Area the previous semester for work. He didn't want to work for any of the big nobles right away, so Lily agreed to let him hang around and do a few odd jobs. Toby told him she would check his references.

Walther accompanied Marcia when she came to get October Daye because Lily was ill. Though he was unable to save Lily, he was able to save October from iron poisoning and Luna from salt poisoning. 

In One Salt Sea, he helps identify poison in needles that Toby found in Rayseline's quarters and the elf-shot variant Raysel was using. He confirms that the elf-shot was brewed by Dugan

In Ashes of Honor, he aids Toby in stopping Chelsea's unstable teleportation by brewing a power dampening potion and it's solution. 

In Chimes at Midnight, Walther helps Toby with her goblin fruit addiction. 

Character Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
Lily She is his leige Undine, Lady of the Tea Gardens Lily took him in at the Tea Gardens
Marcia Also works for Lily changeling  1/4 fae
Jack assistant student works in Walther's office; much put-upon graduate student
Cassandra Brown love interest physics student

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  1. Ashes of Honor, Ch. 5